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For Train Passengers in Search of a Congressional Vision on Infrastructure, Moulton, Esty, Slaughter Lead the Way

Representatives Seth Moulton (D-MA), Elizabeth Esty (D-CT), and Louise Slaughter (D-NY) are leading the fight to modernize and expand passenger rail in America, asking appropriators to make vital investments in rail essential for a 21st economy—a fight that has taken on more urgency in the face steep cuts outlined by the White House budget proposal. The three members of Congress wrote to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation—Chairman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and Ranking Me

Trump Administration’s First Budget Calls for End to National Network Trains. Join NARP in Saying: NATIONAL OR NOTHING!

Every passenger must STAND UP for trains—there are no sidelines now!

Bring the Fight for A Connected America to Your Town

NARP’s staff and Council of Representatives are already preparing four our April 25th Day on the Hill, where advocates from all over the country fly in to represent America’s passengers at the highest level. With a new president and a new congress, it’s crucial that they hear from their constituents demanding investment in a modern, people-focused passenger rail system. We need you to join us in asking your elected officials to invest in better trains and transit—for A Connected America

Hoosier State Transitions Back to Amtrak Equipment

The Indiana Department of Transportation announced today that, beginning March 1st, the Hoosier State (train nos. 850 and 851) will transition back to utilizing Amtrak equipment:"The Hoosier State passenger train, which operates four days per week between Indianapolis and Chicago, will transition to railcars, locomotives and on-board services supplied by Amtrak beginning Wednesday, March 1. No action is required from ticketed passengers as Amtrak will continue to provide ticketing and reservatio

Let Congress Know About a Connected America from Week One!

The opening days of 2017 have featured a number of positive signs for increased investment in passenger rail, from President Trump’s pushing railways in his inaugural address to Democrat’s introducing a trillion dollar infrastructure proposal that would invest billions in rail and transit. We’re asking you to call your elected official today and deliver two key points: I support a bipartisan transportation bill that invests in safe, efficient passenger trains and transit. Investing mon

New President, New Congress, and New Signs of Interest in Infrastructure Bill

During the presidential transition, Congressional Republicans indicated an infrastructure bill would not be on the agenda for the first 100 days of the Trump Administration. The opening days of the Trump presidency, however, have featured a number of positive signs for increased investment in passenger rail. Inaugural Address: During his first speech as president, President Trump reiterated campaign promises to rebuild America’s infrastructure, explicitly mentioning railways in a callback to

Congress Passes Short-Term Budget & Amtrak Border Bill Before Adjourning for the 2016

Most Members of Congress have left Washington, D.C. for the holiday break, and—save for select pro forma sessions—Congress is nominally adjourned for the year. With the budget extended through late April, NARP has a much clearer idea about what legislative goals for the first half of 2017. Stay tuned in the new year to hear more about opportunities to advocate for more and better train service. Congress Extends Budget Through April 2017 The United States Senate passed a Continuing Resol

Taking stock of the Presidential transition during the Thanksgiving break

While the Presidential Transition is still very much a work in progress, we wanted to take advantage of this holiday-related break in the action to give an update to train passengers about where things stand. Trump Administration’s Transportation Transition Team NARP staff has identified the following transportation leads in President-Elect Trump’s transition team: Shirley Ybarra: formerly senior transportation policy analyst at Reason Foundation; Virginia’s secretary of t

NARP's New Video Features One of America's Most Famous Rail Passengers

New Report Highlights 10-Year Safety Trend in Freight and Passenger Rail

Steady Improvements in Rail Infrastructure and Innovation Lead to Positive Trends in Rail Safety Report Highlights 10-Year Safety Trend in Freight and Passenger Rail Washington, D.C. - The OneRail Coalition released a new report today, "Rail Safety in the United States" highlighting a 31 percent decline in rail accidents over the past 10 years. This positive safety trend occurred even as passenger rail traffic grew and freight rail traffic remained steady over the same time frame. "Freight