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We Love New England

Making our voices heard

by Joe Aiello | Northeast Field Coordinator If we had more transportaion options in New England - we could all get to matches easier. That's something we can all agree on. I wanted to write a follow-up to last week’s blog about the Northeast Division meeting that took place earlier this month - since this topic was brought up at yesterday's North-South Rail Link Working Group meeting. While what I am going to be discussing is all a work in progress, this really does show the importance

Your Right To Be On Time

After Years Of Tussle, We Head Again To The Supreme Court...Or Do We?

by Jim Mathews / As all sides again gather to head back to the Supreme Court, the landscape today is a little different than it was the last time we were here.

We Are In This Together

Advocating for a better rail system across state lines.

by Joe Aiello | Northeast Field Coordinator On May 4th (May The Fourth Be With You), I had the pleasure of joining nearly 50 other passenger rail advocates for the Northeast Division membership meeting. The meeting, co-sponsored by the Association and our good friends at TrainRiders/Northeast, was held in at Maria’s Family Restaurant in Haverhill, MA - a stop along the MBTA Haverhill Line as well as “America’s Favorite Train”, the Downeaster. This was the third such meeting that I ha

The Price is Right

Advocating for "fair" fares and equity in public transportation

by Joe Aiello | Northeast Field Coordinator One of the biggest topics that any agency or advocate can tackle in this day and age is that of equity, especially when it comes to the world of public transportation. How do we even the playing field for every passenger, every line, and every neighborhood? This is a subject that we here at the Association has been talking about for some time. Our friends at TransitMatters have broached the topic in their Regional Rail plan with a fare integration po

Fox in the Henhouse

President Trump Nominates Amtrak Board Member Who Repeatedly Voted to End Amtrak

Rail Passengers is already working to bring this voting record to light, and we need your support

No Trains for You: the Dangers of Zero-Sum Thinking

Amtrak, Insufficient Funding and the Dangers of Zero-Sum Thinking

In the world of zero-sum thinking, some riders must lose for the greater good. So what options are there for those left behind? There is no answer, and that cannot be ignored.

Washington Post Launches Misguided Attack On Passenger Rail

Tone-Deaf Op-Ed Dismisses Needs Of Flyover Country's Seniors, Vets As 'Special Pleading'

by Jim Mathews / The Post's tone-deaf May 3 editorial dismisses the needs of Flyover Country as 'Special Pleading' in a misguided and mean-spirited attack on the need for trains beyond the Northeast Corridor.

Two Trillion Reasons

Infrastructure Week Part 52: More Infrastructurey

by Joe Aiello | Northeast Field Coordinator “I've got 100 resolutions But I've got no solutions” The Lawrence Arms First there was “Infrastructure Week”. Then there was “Infrastructure Week”. Followed up by a new “Infrastructure Week”. We could have 52 different “infrastructure weeks” and the story would be the same in this country - a whole lot of talk and little to no action. All while our rail, bridges, and roads all continue to crumble. In his State of the Union addres

Representative Louise Slaughter - A True Rail Supporter

New Rochester, NY Amtrak Station Named In Her Honor

By Bruce Becker - Vice-President of Operations Dorothy Louise McIntosh Slaughter was born in 1929 in Lynch, Kentucky, a rural Appalachian community about as far removed from the bustling city of Rochester, NY (home to Eastman Kodak and later to Xerox and Bausch & Lomb, among many others) as you could imagine. But, perhaps even more amazing was that Slaughter went on to represent Rochester and the western New York region in Congress from 1987 until her death in 2018, after having served two

Get On Board

Celebrate all things public transportation

by Joe Aiello | Northeast Field Coordinator “Mama took the Altimeter Transit bus to work each day All the way down San Pablo, thirty years a Naval base Never heard her once complain about taking public transportation You should ride the city bus just like the rest of us in El Cerrito” Cracker, “El Cerrito” Growing up in Chicago, my friends and I considered the CTA our lifeline to so many great things the city had to offer. I lived walking distance to at least 3 bus routes (the old