Council Division Leaders


The Division Leader is responsible for organizing and leading the Council Representatives and At-Large Representatives within his or her Division to plan and execute the programs and activities at the grassroots level needed to accomplish the Association’s mission and strategic plans. The Division Leader is responsible for ensuring effective two-way communication between state and regional leaders and their designated Board Liaison.


A Division Leader is able to able to listen, think creatively, communicate effectively, forge consensus, lead and inspire others. An understanding of and experience in grassroots political organizing is highly desirable. Personal traits such as patience, persistence and persuasiveness are important. An enthusiastic commitment to the Association’s mission and a willingness to devote considerable time and energy are essential.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Recruits, appoints and trains Representative Coordinators where needed in consultation with their designated Board Liaison and State Representatives for his or her Division
  2. Chairs regular meetings with Council Representatives and At-Large Representatives in the Division
  3. Encourages the planning and execution of programs at the State/Regional Level
  4. Coordinates Rail Passengers Association state or regional activities within their Division
  5. Makes regular reports of problems, opportunities, activities and accomplishments to their designated Board Liaison
  6. Identifies and recruits qualified candidates for Representative Coordinators where needed and the Council of Representatives, especially where there are vacancies
  7. Identifies and spreads the use of “best practices” identified by the Rail Passengers Association and its leaders
  8. Coordinates with other Division Leaders on projects or programs that cross Division boundaries Reports to a designated Board Liaison. Supervises Representative Coordinators

Approved by the Division Leaders in Alexandria, VA 04/22/12