Council Representatives At-Large

Position Description
Representative At-Large


The Representative at Large position exists to permit highly qualified individuals who are unable to be a State Representative to serve in the Council of Representatives.


A Representative at Large should be a person whose position, knowledge, experience, credentials, prominence or financial support brings special expertise, credibility and/or resources to the Association. A Representative at Large must be a member in good standing of the Association and a registered voter in the United States.


  1. Elect the Officers and Directors of the Association.
  2. Review Association policies and directions and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  3. Learn about legislators at both the state and federal levels; know their issues and voting records; become familiar with their staff; where needed, organize targeted programs to educate them about our issues.
  4. Become more effective by networking with:
    a. Other Representatives
    b. Local and state officials
    c. Business, community and educational organizations and leaders
    d. Other advocacy organizations
    e. The media
  5. Identify and recruit talented people to participate in Association activities, committees and leadership positions including Elected State Representative.
  6. Provide regular reports of activities and accomplishments to the Division Leader representing the division in which the At-Large Representative resides.
  7. Maintain proper decorum at all times when representing the Association in public:
  8. Avoid conflicts of interest.
  9. Provide financial support to the Association by:
    a. Being a fully paid member in good standing of the Association and, if able, moving to a higher level of support
    b. Assuming the personal expenses and time incurred in attending Council of Representatives and local membership meetings
    c. Recruiting new members
    d. Assisting in the fund raising and endowment enrichment activities to ensure that the Association’s resources are adequate far into the future
    e. Making contributions directly to the Association to help fund mission critical activities

Revised by the Rail Passengers Association Board of Directors on June 21, 2012.