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Rail Passenger Reauthorization Document Library

Rail Passengers' Document Library

  • Surface Transportation Reauthorization Blueprint - October 2019
  • Fiscal Year 2020 Legislative Ask: a summary of the funding requests and main policy recommendations for the upcoming fiscal year (Spring 2019)
  • Map of Underinvestment: What does half a century of underinvestment in passenger rail look like? (Spring 2019)
  • Rural Mobility: Rural America’s transportation gap profoundly hurts rural Americans. Amtrak connects millions with access to essential public transportation services. (Spring 2019)
  • Northeast Corridor's Gateway Project: Outlines critical passenger rail infrastructure investments along the NEC, with a focus on the Gateway Project (Spring 2019)
  • State of Good Repair: America needs to be rebuilt and modernized. Investing in our nation’s transportation infrastructure will improve our ability to compete in a global economy. (Spring 2019)
  • On-Time Performance: outlines Amtrak's OTP by the numbers, and provides key policy solutions to get the trains running on time again (Spring 2019)
  • High-Speed Rail: HSR is a proven mode of transportation that can efficiently move a large number of people quickly along densely developed corridors... but the U.S. is falling behid the rest of the world. (Spring 2019)