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2021 Day on the Hill - Resources

RailNation:DC - Fall 2021

RailNation:DC - One-Pager

IIJA - New Grant and Policy Programs

Project Pipeline

Key transportation committees are again asking Members of Congress to submit local priorities. We're compilling a list of shovel-worthy passenger projects to help you reach out to your elected officials and recruit their help in advancing important projects in YOUR backyard.


Surface Transportation Reauthorization

Capitol Hill is gearing up for another round of transportation negotiations, and Rail Passengers is advocating for a number of policies to be considered for the upcoming surface transportation reauthorization, including bilding on the success of last year's Moving Forward Act. [Review the key sections of H.R. 2 and associated bill language.]


Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations + Legislative Request

Rail Passengers Association's annual one-page ask for Amtrak and passenger rail.

Rail Passengers' FY 22 Legislative Grant Request

Informational One-Pagers

Passenger rail fact sheets, updated through 2021, produced by the Association’s professional staff.

2021 Spring Day on the Hill "Slide Deck": A highlight package version of the full one-pagers found below. Use this as a guide in your meetings, but not meant to be used as a full presentation.

Economic Benefits: A Connected America is not only good for passengers but good for America’s cities and towns, an economic engine in the communities it serves.

Environmental Benefits: Modern passenger rail can carry large numbers of people further, faster, and more efficiently than ever before.

High-Speed Rail: High-Speed Rail is an efficient mode of transportation that can move a large number of people quickly along densely developed corridors.

National Network & Rural Mobility: Amtrak’s National Network forms the foundation of passenger rail service in the U.S., bringing economically viable mobility to rural areas and small towns.

Northeast Corridor & Gateway: The current NEC infrastructure is at a turning point.

On-Time Performance: Poor service from many host railroads has caused chronic and excessive delays for millions of riders who rely on the Amtrak system.