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Would You Rather Be On The Train?

November 10, 2020

For years, the "I'd Rather Be On The Train" bumper sticker was a favorite among our members, with many requesting extras so they could share with their family & friends. Over time, one of the most asked questions whenever we are in the field has been if we are ever going to bring that sticker back. We are dusting off this classic to honor the history of our Association with a clean, modern presentation of a timeless feeling - but we did feel that it might also be time for something new... something bigger and bolder to truly match our shared passion and pride for passenger rail!

Well, that time is now!

As a LIMITED RELEASE, we are bringing back this iconic statement - but this time you can have it with you wherever you go! Click the link below to be taken to our new Bonfire store to see our shirts, hoodie, and face mask. Purchase them for yourself, a family member, or a fellow rail fan - all while raising money for a great cause as we continue to engage in the fight to restore daily service, keep our agencies funded, and our passengers safe.

This shirt and mask design are only available until November 30th (and guaranteed to be shipped in time for the Holidays!) After that date, these items will no longer be for sale!