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May 3, 2019

Infrastructure Week Part 52: More Infrastructurey

by Joe Aiello | Northeast Field Coordinator

“I've got 100 resolutions
But I've got no solutions”
The Lawrence Arms

First there was “Infrastructure Week”. Then there was “Infrastructure Week”. Followed up by a new “Infrastructure Week”. We could have 52 different “infrastructure weeks” and the story would be the same in this country - a whole lot of talk and little to no action. All while our rail, bridges, and roads all continue to crumble. In his State of the Union address earlier this year, President Trump told Congress that an infrastructure bill was "not an option" but "a necessity".

It is time for the White House and Congressional leadership to step up. Not next week, next month, or after the next election. Now. As in yesterday.

House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Chair Peter DeFazio (D-OR) has taken on the call and testified on what we need to spend today due to decades of underinvestment. Our Association has been beating the drum on this topic for years. See our United States of Underinvestment map here.

Do you care about housing? The environment? Do you believe in equality? Better jobs for all?

Then we need to invest in our infrastructure. NOW.

The news this week that President Trump and Congress have agreed, in principal, to invest $2 trillion in our infrastructure is welcoming - but stop me if you have heard this one before...

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