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Fight Back Against Today's White House Attack on Amtrak

February 10, 2020

The Trump Administration’s proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget once again calls for the elimination of long distance trains, wiping out funding for almost all Amtrak trains except on the east and west coasts. If enacted, 220 cities and towns would lose train service completely and 140 million people will completely lose all access to passenger trains.

Rail Passengers has worked with Congress to successfully shoot down this proposal three years in a row. We need your help to make sure we go four for four this summer. And with the surface transportation reauthorization taking place this summer, we have a real opportunity to enshrine legal protections for the National Network into law, protecting this essential service from any future attacks.

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Rail Passengers has been fighting for better passenger trains in America for over 50 years. We're only able to represent the voice of passengers in Washington, D.C. because of your generous support. Your donate today ensures that future generations of Americans are able to experience the joy of riding trains.

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