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Debt Limit Clears Congress, Transportation Budget Up Next

June 2, 2023

After months of negotiation, Congress was able to pass a bipartisan compromise to raise the debt ceiling and implement budget caps this week, averting a disastrous government default and shutdown.

However, the budget freeze included in the compromise raises questions about how Amtrak and passenger trains will fare in the ongoing Fiscal Year 2024 budget process. Facing hard caps, Congressional appropriators are going to have to make some difficult choices. And while there are guaranteed rail funds included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), we need to ensure that Congress funds day to day operations to keep the trains running and facilitate project management.

The House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure is holding a hearing on Amtrak on Tuesday, June 6th, and we’re asking America's passengers to speak up in support of projects that will upgrade the passenger rail network, including:

Join the Rail Passengers Association in asking Congress to fully fund rail programs at the authorized levels established by the BIL!

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