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Calling All Phoenix Passengers: Stop the Attacks on Rail!

August 6, 2019

Vote “NO” on Proposition 105 before August 27th!

The Phoenix light rail system connects workers to their jobs, students to their schools, and families to our communities. It is an essential part of the city’s plan to support its rapidly growing population.

Out-of-state anti-rail advocates have funded Proposition 105, included in this year's special election. This wouldn’t just kill plans for light rail—it would prevent Phoenix from investing in ANY sort of passenger rail. Here are the FACTS about Prop. 105:

  • Stops all light rail construction and kills light rail plans—even those already approved by voters three times.
  • It permanently prohibits Phoenix from investing in any kind of rail project—including light rail, commuter rail, or other potential train connections.
  • It turns away billions in federal dollars designated for Phoenix, sending it to cities in other states.

Vote NO on Prop. 105 by August 27… and remind your friends and family to vote on Facebook!

Supported by dark money from out-of-state, supporters of investing in Phoenix’s future growth have banded together to oppose the measure. The following groups are urging you to vote NO on Prop. 105:

  • All Aboard Arizona
  • United Phoenix Fire Fighters
  • Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • AARP Arizona
  • Greater Phoenix Leadership
  • AZ Chapter Associated General Contractors
  • Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • And more!

Remember to vote NO on Prop. 105 by the August 27 deadline for voting. You can also get involved in the campaign to keep light rail rolling in Arizona by volunteering at these local events!